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On 21 September, I read the news about Mr Putin's statement that if the territorial integrity of the country is threatened, he will naturally use all available means to protect the state and its people. The fact that a single act of violence is about to engulf a country, a bilateral country and the world is nothing short of terrifying.

In February, when the invasion of Ukraine began, I couldn't stay and composed music as there was nothing I could do.

Through music, I sincerely wish for peace and opposition to Russia.


I thought that in the unstable world situation, I should do something, so I leave my music here.

I had friends in Russia in the past, and also friends from countries near Ukraine. I think that war is a very stupid act, for many reasons - energy problems, environmental problems, etc. Greed and violence are amplified without limits. It amplifies greed and violence without limits, from one person to a group. From groups to communities. And then to countries. To mankind. It spreads forever. Regardless of the country where it started, affected lives will do the same.

It is a very sad act, shallow and unacceptable, even if this is part of the human evolutionary process.

I sincerely hope that humanity will cooperate and come to an end as soon as possible.








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